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Vaynr the best management consulting service provider in Indonesia

Our founders have extensive experience as management consultants at one of Indonesia’s premier consulting firms. During their tenure, they recognized the immense potential of the energy sector and established an energy practice group within the organization. While our founders come from diverse professional backgrounds, some having worked with governmental ventures and others in the private sector, they share a common objective. We firmly believe in the urgent need for comprehensive technical and strategic expertise to drive sustainable economic growth and fully leverage the industrialization of natural resources.

Driven by these aspirations, we build our consulting firm that centers on the downstreaming of mineral resources and the optimization of real sectors. Our firm is fully devoted to delivering expert services that enable our esteemed clients to adeptly navigate the intricacies of these pivotal sectors and successfully accomplish their green economic goals. Armed with an extensive reservoir of knowledge and hands-on experience, we are steadfast in our commitment to assisting our clients in fully capitalizing on the boundless potential of the energy industry, all the while ensuring a sustainable and ecologically aware approach

They both realize that there is an urgent need for the accumulation of both technical and strategic knowledge in order to achieve green economic growth and to reach the maximum potential of the industrialisation of natural resources. With those intentions in mind, they founded a consulting firm intent on focusing on renewable energy and downstreaming of mineral resources.

In alignment with the vision of Indonesia Emas 2045, Vaynr Consulting is wholeheartedly committed to advancing the energy transition and facilitating the downstreaming of mineral resources. 

Moreover, we actively seek to make meaningful contributions towards the objectives outlined in the COP26 mandate, specifically the attainment of net zero emissions. Our organization is dedicated to assisting Indonesia in translating commitments into concrete actions, while aiding our clients in cultivating environmentally responsible and sustainable enterprises.

We aim to facilitate seamless integration of green practices and support the realization of a more ecologically conscious business landscape.

To be the home of growth for our business partners and talents in our efforts to better the world.


We value continuous learning, and stay updated with industry trends. Adapting to the changing business landscape to ensure long-term success and sustainable growth



As the home of growth, for the youth generation as well as Indonesia’s Golden Generation 2045


In the ever-evolving business landscape, open-mindedness enables Vaynr to approach challenges with fresh perspectives, adapt to changing circumstances, and explore innovative solutions. Tailor strategies that drive outcomes

Multi Perspective

Embracing diverse viewpoints and multi-disciplinary angles to drive creativity, innovation, and holistic decision-making

Impact oriented

Aligning business practices and decisions with the goal of creating a significant and lasting impact on customers, communities, and the environment

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